Wine & Dine

*Conversation With Jesus*

God: Your budget is twenty dollars



Uhmmmm…. We must be going to wendy’s cause uhmm

God: Your budget is twenty dollars

Me: -_- ….. ok

*silence *

Me: so where we going?

God: Just trust me


 Ballin’ On A Budget…..So basically

I trusted God to give me Holy Ghost directions and allow him to lead me to a lovely restaurant in San Pedro , Ca called Port O’ Call.  Now I live a few hours away so me and the Lord planned a lovely trip .. When planning trips with the Lord I have three recommendations

1. Use Wisdom

Try to make sure someone knows where you are going , especially when you are alone. We in the end times fam .. They wild out here.

2. Plan Plan Plan

Because I am prior military I have the luxury of staying on some base hotels so the hotel was affordable . Try to plan so you can save money . Groupon ? Is lit . Military Hotels ? Is lit. Also , a wonderful hotel app that I learned from Heather Lindsey’s blog post “How To Travel The World For Free “ titled Hotel App … Is also… LIT ! So try to plan

3. Ball On A Budget

Look ion know about you but uhmmmm… Money can be a little funny. Whenever I go somewhere God has a budget for me . So please Ball On A Budget .. Why ? Because God want’s us to be a good steward with our money because he has to trust us with little before he can give us many *Luke 16-10*… so please … Ball on a budget .

God led me here

And when I say he lead me it wasn’t a go look on google and .. nah like I really got in my car had no idea where I was going and just let God led me. Sometimes me and Jesus play a game where I turn off my phone and my GPS and let Him guide me to where I need to be .. I recommend this because this is a good way to train your spirit and your ear to be in tune with the holy spirit.. I aint gon’ lie to you.. I’ve gotten lost a few times but God would either lead me to someone who can give me directions OR he’ll be like Ok daughter turn your Gps on .. you need it Lol! On this night however, he took me right there.. I didn’t get lost.

He picked my outfit

YES ! I allow the Lord to dress me on my dates !! I have always struggled with modesty because of who I used to be in the world , self-esteem , and because I am a more developed woman .. ALSO , I struggled because of religion… Church people would condemn me about how I looked but I didn’t like the way they dressed me … So you know what I do ? I let God do it. He tells me how he wants my hair (which is why I took the weave out) , How he wants my make-up annnnnddddd He picks my outfit ! And he lets me wear heels because he know ! I likes to be poppin’.


Anyways… back to the date or whadeva

So we roll up and God did tell me that he wants me to spend twenty dollars .. So I see the restaurant and im like …..


Uhmm .. but then I was like you know what ? Imma trust the Lord and imma get a appetizer  . So I go inside and the restaurant niccceeee yalll then I hear the Lord tell me go sit at a seat outside … So im like ok and im thankful because the Lord told me to bring my sweater with me (He’s such a good father). I walk outside and he leads me to a seat in the cut away from everyone else and im like “Ok Lord.. I aint that dark but you know Im black and  its night time… They gon’ see me?”

 God was like “If you don’t sit down!”

I was like “ Ok jesus ”

 I had to be delivered

“A fools wrath is known at once, But a prudent man covers shame”- Proverbs 12:16

 So im sitting down and God tells me pull out my laptop and start writing so I did… 10 mins past… so im looking at the time like uhmmm I know they see me.. God start calming me down but the Devil hypin’ me up . You know already God won that .. 5 more mins pass.. I look up and see a waiter make eye contact … and then walk away… then I hear the devil say … “POP OFF” then God like “KEEP WRITING”

so im like wheeewwwww they better be glad im saved.. Then the Lord begins to deal with me and I am reminded “Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, Like a weaned child with his mother; Like a weaned child is my soul within me “ – Psalm 131:2 … And my soul was instantly calmed and quieted.

After I was calmed and quieted the Lord told me to politely go tell them that I had been waiting for a while and no one had served me .. AND he told me to be gentle in my spirit *1 Peter 3:4*, smile , and accept their apology and that’s exactly what I did.. They apologized and they gave me EXCELLENT service afterwards and the situation had been addressed the sanctified and Christ-like way .

     As I am ordering

God tells me what he wants me to get .. He first told me to get crab cakes and two glasses of water (because I do get water for him.. You know he be working hard all day he might be thirsty) . So im like that’s cool im on my budget so we cool… So then God tell me order a glass of wine… Im like.. uhmm .. that’s 8 dollars Lord ? Why has thou forsaken me ??? *Matthew 27:56*


 When the wine comes God does instruct me to pour some of the water into the wine glass so I can filter it (which is good because I don’t drink and never really did so I have to be careful)So im like alright Lord… We getting’ close to the line now.. Then he tells me to order some Pasta…


Im like ok now… Ok now Jesus.. But once again I calmed and quieted my soul – Psalm 131:2

Next Thing I Know

The manager comes up and apologizes for the service and asked me if there was anything he could do ? I politely tell him I am fine. He repeats his apology.. I do ask for some bread doe.. I was hungry (and that jawnt was free…its lit)


. So as I am getting ready to leave the amazing waitress that I had told me the manager deducted $19.00 from my tab and guess how much my bill was ? $43.00 … guess how much I paid ? $24.00….

*grabs mic*






*ques praise break*



On this date I learned to trust God

I trusted God with how much he wanted me to spend , how he wanted me to dress , and where he wanted me to go… Now what I need to learn is to not talk back.. He working on me..

Some tips for your date

–        Please note that God wants us to be a good steward with our money , he wants us to be responsible , and use wisdom.. Pray before you leave and let God deal with you

–        Yes I drank wine… I don’t have a issue with drinking.. I battle other things but that’s not it.. SO ! If you have a issue with drinking and sobriety I DO NOT recommend you drinking .. Look… I got a lot to answer to on judgement day… That won’t be one of them.

–        ALSO ! IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE…. Don’t even play with me.. I’m not telling you to drink

–        Also , I recommend brining your own towels to a hotel . I’ve noticed some things at  some hotel I was staying at but some other hotels as well. I felt like God lead me to bring my own towel.. So just a recommendation.

–        Finally remember “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.. That whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”- John 3:16 .. The dates you go on with Him are for Him to teach you , heal you , and open your eyes to what you need to be delivered from. Enjoy your date but please understand that this date is going to teach you and open your eyes to a lot of stuff that God wants you to be  delivered from.. So receive it and understand that he is doing it because he loves you …

Alright Fam… Be Blessed

–        Diamond ❤

One thought on “Wine & Dine

  1. That reading was absolutely beautiful Precious..I’ am very very proud of you and your accomplishments..continue to allow God to lead you and use you.

    ** can’t wait to read your book…congratulations!!!

    Love ya

    Liked by 1 person

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