What Shoes Are You Wearing ?

Well my outift was cute

God hand picked out my outfit and told me exactly how he wanted me to look from my head to my feet…and I complied about 99%. I did my hair how he wanted, and even the skirt he wanted me to wear I put on …but for someone reason I just wasn’t feeling the shoes. God told me to wear my brown flats…



I was like nah wear your boots.


I figured God wanted me to wear my flats because I had a long day planned. I was about to head to my doctor’s appointment and I thought I knew what would be a better shoe…the boots

So I left

Yup.. I rolled out and walked my little self to my car looking all earthly and afro-centric.  I unlocked my car , got inside , and begin to drive. I was happy because it looked like I was actually going to make my doctor’s appointment on time…..but then all of a sudden… I started to smell something a little stank… I look down and realize that I had stepped in dog poop.. So guess what ? I had to go home and change my shoes.. But I wasn’t upset at all. I figured God must have not wanted me to go to that particular appointment



The devil hyped me up

When I got inside my first thought was to wear the shoes that God told me to wear… But you know what the devil whispered to me ? Those black shoes would look really nice and they’re your favorite just wear them it will look nice with your outfit . (Man … the devil will go out of his way to make you disobey God)

So I went inside and put on my favorite black heels


and I was feeeellllliiiiinnnggggg myself.


I mean like I thought I was super lit. Like its not even funny. I had to make a bank run so when I stepped into the bank I was all extra walking hard… I knew what I was doing . I thought I was cute.


Oh but when I tell you God will humble you

So my last stop was my school. I had to meet with my tutor and  If you read in my other blog post The Fall …Yall I fell down the steps at the school library. I was mortified. You know what though ? God told me that he did that to humble me… and you know what else is funny ? I had to go home and change my shoes to the shoes he originally told me to wear.


When God speaks….shutup and obey

That day was a hard lesson I had to learn. God told me what shoes to wear and I didn’t listen. I missed a appointment and I fell. How many of you have missed opportunities and have ended up into situations that you KNOW you should not have been in ? Don’t front I know the game. We all fall. Wear the shoes that God told you to wear. If God told you to preach why are you tryna sing in this season ? He told you to pray but you somewhere tryna prophesy (and prophesy out of season might I add) God told you to fast but you eating McDonalds for dinner. Be obedient. It will save you a lot of trouble.


The consequences of the fall

For one I missed my doctor’s appointment and wasted TIME. Time is so important. Stop wasting God’s time and yours because your way will always fail and HIS way is always right. YOU CANNOT OUTSMART OUTPLAN OR OUTTHINK GOD …. You know why ? Aye because my mans is lit … and because…. HE IS GOD.


The Beauty of the fall

God reminded me though that even David fell and he was a man after God’s own heart . When God spoke that to me it softened the blow. Also , I wanted to stay home…stay in my room…and not go back to the school.. but you know what ? God told me no … that I will not hide and that I WILL walk back into that library no matter how far I have fallen. After the fall I ended with a very bad bruise but I still had to walk with the bruise , pray with that bruise , and minister with that same bruise. Your fall will bruise you but KEEP GOING.



Get back up

Your journey is not ever.. God is married to the back slider (Jeremiah 3:14)… Get back up and press towards the mark. God is not through with you and I don’t care who wrote you off. God has the final say! .. So go home , change your shoes to the shoes God told you to wear (they might be Jesus sandals but they gon’ be cute on you), own your fall , repent , and get back up.


Yall sip this tea

So I went back to the school and had a night class.. So I was coming down the second floor steps and felt my self about to slip … and you know what I said ? “Nope. Not this time I have on the shoes God told me to wear” and ya girl made it down the steps safely. You better speak life into that dead thing !! Wont he do it ? I wasn’t falling for that again! You fell last time but you’re not falling this time. So be of good courage and trust God.

Love ,

Diamond ❤

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