The Fall

“For a righteous man may fall seven times And rise again, But the wicked shall fall by calamity” – Proverbs 24:16

Diamond takes a tumble 2k17


You wont believe what happened….

It’s was a beautiful Thursday morning in Southern California. I was at my college campus because I had to meet my tutor. I was walking around on campus thinking I was looking cute in my heels (God told me not to wear these shoes which I briefly discuss in  What Shoes Are You Wearing ? ).anyways… I’m looking cute thinking I’m really doing something. I go tell my tutor that I need to come back because I left everything at my apartment (which is only a couple mins away) he says cool. So… I get up to leave… and I began to walk down the steps… But something was off…It was oddly quite…to quite… all I hear is my heels clicking… and then BAM !


Yall….I fell down the steps.

“Do not rejoice when your enemy falls , And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;”- Proverbs 24:17

I was mortified


First of all… I’m tall … everyone saw me go down. Second of all… the way I look I am distinguished. I had an afro and heels…so everyone knew who I was…. THIRD of all (shout out to the Holy Spirit *whoot whoot*)it literally felt like God himself made me fall and I asked God why he do me like that and you know what he said? “I needed to humble you. Everyone falls”


Flashback to driving in the car 30 mins before the fall

*Conversation I had with God*

Me: God imma tryna live right, make it in the rapture , Im not going to go anywhere that doesn’t glorify you in everyway possible , God its me and you to the end , imma do everything I can I’m not going to fall

God: Diamond.. even David fell. Its ok to make mistakes. You’re not perfect

Me: Yeah… but see David was on some other stuff Lord but I’m not him but anyways this how im about to live my life for you


The conversation after the fall

*Me talking to God while limping to my car looking crazy*

Me : You aint have to do me like dat Lord -_-

God : Diamond .. For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights (Proverbs 3:12) I have to be able to correct you. How would I show my love through grace, mercy, forgiveness, and  correction if you are perfect?  If you were perfect you wouldn’t need me.

Me: I know God but you didn’t have to embarrass me like that now I’m not going back there everyone saw me fall and they know who I am

God: They saw you fall and they saw you get back up … be grateful you didn’t break your leg.. It could have been worse.

Me: *gets quiet because I know he right*

God: Yes you fell and you got back up… Go home , grab your things , and come back with your head held high.

Me:  Ok…. God.. I love you

God: Love you to daughter


Moral of the Story

Sometimes as Christians (especially young Christians who are very aware of who God is ) we get prideful about the title of being a Christian. Honey boo boo child… You are going to fall. Now when I say fall I’m not saying lie, cheat, and steal (that’s demonic) but what I am saying is that you will make mistakes , you will make bad judgement calls , you will go with what you think is right sometimes instead of listening to the holy spirit.. This “fall” taught me that there are many levels to pride. We view pride as being unapologetic .. but the definition of Pride is” a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction from one’s own achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.. “ and it can also mean “be especially proud of a particular quality or skill… so that means that there are MANY DIFFERENT FORMS of pride.

All throughout this life we will continued to be healed, delivered, and set free from SOMETHING (that don’t mean take this excuse to go buckwild in sin)… What I’m saying is YOU aint arrived until you get up to heaven .. life is an ever going testimony.. so hold your head up .. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord (James 4:10 )… and remember EVERYBODY FALLS. ALSO ! Remember There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit – Romans 8:1 … When you fall repent and repent quickly and mean it sincerely and DO NOT ALLOW THE DEVIL TORMENT YOU. Only the devil will remind you of your past failures not GOD

–         I love you all be blessed .

–         Diamond ❤

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