He took me on a date (Some things to watch out for)

“Ok Lord what is our first date ? “


Well……It started with a little obstacle.

Don’t think for one second… That the devil wants you to date God. These are some things you need to watch out for on your first date .

  1. Random financial issues

Now… I aint have not one issue this month with finances but all of a sudden stuff started poppin’ off. On my first date with Jesus guess what happened yall ? Man … my car broke down. Like it literally would not start. It was extremely frustrating because I had finally made the decision to really spend time with the Lord. Now at first when my car was acting crazy I wasn’t even mad yall like I wasn’t. WHY ? Because me and God were supposed to go out next month. I thought I had time. The thing is though the holy spirit whispered to me that day and said, “Go to the movies at 7 o’clock …( Now …. You can imagine my reaction when I first heard this… I started looking around like… uhmmm ok Lord… are we not noticing that like my car is not like…. working?) The thing is though I began to have a conviction on what I thought was important… (See back in my clubbing days … If I couldn’t drive … oh you bests believe I was finding a ride their.) So the holy spirit began to deal with me on how determined I was to date him… and I was like “You know what Jesus? it’s cool. We about to take this uber and its gon’ be lit”


  1. Distractions

Man.. when I tell you the devil trrrrrrriiiiiiiiiieeeeeedddddddddddddddddddDAAAAAAA me …  -_-  … So picture it .. Southern California 2017… I remember it like it was just yesterday. So I was about to get ready for the little date or whadeva and hop up in that shower (because you know im tryna smell good for Jesus) so I go over to my phone (because I’m contemplating what time should I get the uber)… I looked on my phone and realized I had a missed call from a undisclosed source. So I called the source back (I should not have done that… don’t call em back yall don’t call em back)… See… It started off good…. But then it almost got turnt…. (See just how the Lord sends people the Devil WILL SEND SOMEONE TO.) The conversation ended bad and really upset me. I was so heated! But you know what? I recognized that that was nothing but a spiritual attack because the devil knew I was aligning with the will of God. I was so upset but I prayed because I was determined to not let that distraction affect what me and God had going on. So when you’re about to go on your date and something pop off and you fall for it.. don’t beat yourself and get mad. Recognize it’s the trick of the enemy , repent , and hop up in that shower (so you can smell good for Jesus)


  1. Everything good thang aint a God thang

The movie God chose for me was the movie LEAP (and it was good yall) but I didn’t realize that the movie IT was in theatres debuting. I really wanted to see it and I almost went because get this (it was playing at the same time!) I was tryna debate with Jesus like “you know Jesus this will be real cute for us to do like imma be scared and terrified and then imma come home and prayyyy and then you can be the big strong mighty protector that you are Lord. So we can do this 😀 “ … God was like “girl…  go see the movie I told you to see”.. I was like “uhppppppp ok Lord my bad” The option constantly popped up to go see IT. The girl I was sharing the uber with it was even about to go see IT… and the thought popped up in my head to go with her because yall get this.. I was kind of doubting going to the movies by myself because I was alone and the enemy tried to make me believe that I was missing a opportunity to make a friend… But you know what that is? Compromising what God told you to do to have some company.. Don’t compromise… Stay the course.


  1. You might feel a little uncomfortable

Ok.. so I had just taken my weave out and was feeling a little insecure. Not only that .. but God actually told me what to wear and how he wanted me to look… This was sooooo hard. Due to my serial toxic dating habits… I have dated men that always wanted me to look how THEY wanted me to look.. either it be long weave , long nails , French tip nails , eyelashes , tight clothes , booty shorts YOU NAMEEEE ITTTTT *Pastor Shirley Ceaser voice*  But anyways.. I have never been in a situation where I was vulnerable enough to really allow God to instruct me on how he wanted me to look. It was hard… but guess what I found out? God loves my natural hair ❤


  1. Don’t let the devil allow you to zero in on the couples there

BRUH.. it seemed like everybody and they mama had a boo at the movies… and I’m not going to lie it kind of bothered me. But I had to remember that me building my relationship with God was more important than the instant gratification of having someone to hold hands with. God had to remind me that there will be a time where I can have a boo.. but get this… its going to be a boo that GOD has ordained. But until then my main focus is God , getting engulfed into the word of God , and being a better woman.



So like I said. Don’t think that your first date wont come with some obstacles. But you have to make up in your mind how bad you want that time with God. Don’t give up when the car break down, take that uber ok ? LOL. I Love you guys. Be Blessed.


Reference Scriptures: (NKJV)


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life” – John 3:16

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